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Public Underground Workspace, often acronymized as PUW, is a network of underground rooms primarily built by user a, with some contributions from others.

In accordance with the first word of its name, PUW's main purpose is to provide public services and resource generation.

It is located under a mostly-unoccupied desert within 6000 nodes of the centre of the world.


Once upon a time, user a tried to make a personal lava flan farm, which he built on the surface of a desert. However, when 6r1d came to review it, 6r1d pointed out that it had to be below Y = 0.

So user a ran a 9x9 shallow underground quarry in that desert to make room for the lava flan farm. User a rebuilt the lava flan farm in this space, and it worked (although very slowly).

While digging out some space around it, user a decided to also try to make a beacon-beam factory at the opposite end of a hallway. At the midpoint of the hallway, he also added a room with some machines to automatically farm tomatoes. After this, he just ended up making several other rooms for several other public resources, and it grew into PUW.


Lava Flan Farm 1

This is a fully automatic lava flan farm. It is very slow, due to its size. Each layer is 9x9, and there are 6 layers.

Free Foodstuffs

Five single-plant automatic farming machines for each of: tomatoes, pineapples, and cocoa beans. No mulch/bonemeal is used; it relies on time to grow the plants. Cocoa beans and tomatoes go into open chests. Pineapples are crafted into tops and rings: tops stay in the machines; rings go to an open chest. There are also machines available to craft cocoa beans into dark chocolate, tomatoes into canned tomatoes, and pineapple rings into pineapple juice.


This is a mesecons machine that automatically gathers beacon beams as items from a green beacon. It cannot auto-output, so it requires manual assistance from a to transfer the beams into the public output. To prevent malicious/greedy players from easily exhausting the supply, the public output is not an open chest, but a pair of vending machines that sell the beams at a low price.

UPDATE: due to the beacon mod update, the machine no longer works

Public Mine


A 1x1 vertical tunnel that will be expanded to 5x5, intended to provide a way for players to access mining locations. It has a teleporting elevator that links to every 1000 node mark and to every cave found while digging straight down.


Four tutorials are here, each one on a different topic: Proper English, Monsters, Minerals, and Tools/Armor. This is linked to spawn.

[Manual] Mob Farm

A room that is dark but has controllable lights. The idea is that mobs will spawn here and can be killed for drop materials by players. This hasn't really worked, though, as it is very small.

Autocraft Vendors

Two autocrafting systems side-by-side that control resource transfer through fancy vendors. You can easily craft scaffolding from sticks and hemp fibre from hemp leaves here.

Flower/Grass Machine

This is a small machine that auto-mulches dirt to produce flowers and grass, which are collected and transferred to public chests. The functionality of this machine is dependent on mulch production from ABTF Auxiliary Machines.

Automatic Birch Tree Farm

Here, there is a machine that automatically grows and chops down birch trees. The materials from the tree are transferred to other systems:

  • Saplings: some go to the planter, others go to a public chest
  • Logs: some go to autocrafters and biofuel refineries to be made into biofuel (which goes into a public chest), others go directly into a public chest
  • Leaves: some go to autocrafters to be made into a renewable supply of dirt (which goes into a public chest), others go to autocrafters to make oil extract (which goes into a public chest)
  • The dirt factory also uses cobble (processed into sand and stone dust) and ice (processed into water buckets)
  • Transfer of materials at the dirt factory was managed poorly, so it has broken down and filled with leaves.
  • The dirt factory, public chests, and tree planter are all in this room. All the other things related to the ABTF are in the Auxiliary Machines section.

Automatic Birch Tree Farm Auxiliary Machines

This contains some machinery to help with the Automatic Birch Tree Farm:

  • Autocrafters to turn logs into planks and planks into sticks
  • Biofuel refineries to turn sticks into biofuel
  • Nodebreakers, lava, and ice to make a supply of cobble
  • Autocrafters to turn leaves into oil extract
  • An autocrafter to turn logs and leaves into mulch