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HiFi City
HiFi City night.png
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Map X: 7561 Y: 10 Z: 23241.5
State Open
Owner korlen
Founder korlen
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City built on a principle of the city of the future in which human labor has been fully replaced by robots, where people's only duty is life and fun.

Main features

Korlen Travelhub

User:korlen's Travelhub is a large building that is older than Hifi City. It was originally built in New Town and transferred to the Hifi City construction site.

It contains many travelnet boxes that link to public networks owned by User:korlen.

Beneath the Travelhub's main area is the "Player Area," which contains travelnet boxes to link to players' personal networks.

Below the Player Area is the Travel Shop (a small store) and the HiFi Workshop.


Quite big marketplace consisting of 537 shopping places for vendors, which are freely placeable like places in the Travelhub.

Marketplace rules

  • One player can use one shop place.
  • If you want to use more shop places, ask city maintainer.
  • No filling shop places with cobble or similar stuff.
  • No placing protector blocks!
  • Player is responsible for shop design, no matter what kind of selling machine you use (smartshop, vendor, exchange shop etc..).
  • Travelnet boxes, some decorations and other helpful stuff are allowed.

Shops Info

Shop place contains 20 nodes of free space for eg. for 20 smartshops.

Open Tasks

Only left side of marketplace is working. Consider joining us and helping with revival rest places.

Post Office

Project was started by User:6r1d in Fruitland. At the beginning, Hifi City and Fruitland projects was created separately. To prevent players' confusion, projects are connected and working as one big construction. Note: both of these projects aren't finished.

Free Nodes House

Delivers basic building nodes, which can be nicely used for moreblocks nodes.

Free Thing

Offers some other useful stuff. Originally this place was supposed to be "free food"; unfortunately the first machine was inefficient and offered only tomatoes. You can still find the old machine above one of the trees on Lions Street. This place is well known for lag generation. Name of this place was invented by User:julix8ms at a time when nobody had an idea for this place.

HiFi Central Port

Open Tasks

At this moment there are no other train stations outside the main square. Players are responsible to build them. After this work, first trains will start riding.

Train Station Building Rules

  • Minimum length is 12.
  • There is no strict design.

HiFi Mine

A 10306-node deep mineshaft. To depth -103, mineshaft is fully protected, under this value only main tunnel is protected without walls to prevent players building traps. This place is relatively safe; every 450 nodes there is a secure platform with cushions. During explorations, Hang Gliders are highly recommended.

Open Tasks

Mineshaft don't have any tunnels, If you want, try to build horizontal tunnels with digtron.

Super Computer

Interesting programmers, open-source project created by User:julix8ms, originally it should allow players to craft every node they need and do other, but it seem to have more advanced options.

Available Commands

  • help - list available commands.
  • htdemo - idk what it's doing, probably it's demo program.

Contribute on github



Is one big free stuff area with 69 open chests. The goal of the project is to get rid of all the things you don't need, in a simple way.


  • Input your stuff to it via the vacuum tube in center of room.
  • Use teleporting tube by setting channel to: ecoport.hifi

Don't forget

To be nice for others and don't move stuff from Free Nodes House House and Free Thing to Ecoport.

Public Centrifuge Cluster

Offers free unranium enrichment with 0,3% uranium dust which is refilled automatically. Players have the option to input 0,7% uranium dust to speed up the process.

HiFi Workshop

Big public workshop with a lot of machines with multi-stack processing and can do medium simple operations on teleporting tubes.

Workshop Rules

  • No stealing devices from open areas like: CNC Machines, teleporting tubes, self-contained injectors, air pumps, barrels etc...
  • No stealing other players' stuff. If you have to move somebody's stuff, please put it into free chest.
  • No sending rubbish into teleporting tubes.
  • No using emitter tube as receiver tube and vice versa (cause of auto trash stuff).
  • If it's possible, turn off Enable chests/tubes after work (lag reduction).
  • Leave teleporting tubes' channels blank after using (to avoid sending somebody's stuff to yours by chance).

Shopping Network

Project being part of User:korlen's Travelhub, which is also found on spawn platform. At the beginning, spawn platform had a shop building with telemosaic beacons to shops; this solution was not favorable for admin, whose task was placing and connecting telemosaic beacons to shops. Shopping network is self-service project and is fully customizable for players. be aware Ignoring Shopping rules results in deletion of your travelnet box.

Shopping Network Rules

  • Spawn must always be on top.
  • Travel Hub must always be second.
  • Do not use characters like !@#$%^&*<>?/...
  • First come, first served. DO NOT change sequence of shops, to avoid arguing with other players.
  • One player can place ONE shop. If you have more shops ask someone responsible for spawn about adding more.


You can find it on Golden Ratio Avenue.

Bees Generator

Is situated behind Central Port.

Cactus & Papyrus Farm

Simple farm force-loaded with technic anchor, located on Lions Street.

Observing Tower

Used to view the city with Hangout Gliders.

Tree of Faith and Hope

The tree is a remnant of a more advanced civilization than the current one, where life was even simpler and more pleasant. As a result of a desire to take power over the whole world by one state, The War broke out. The goal has been partially achieved, because humanity has united, but the effects of The War caused the destruction of almost all of humanity's achievements. The earth was unfit for life for over 70 years. Only those who lived in underground cities, weren't eaten by other people, and had synthetic food generators survived. After passing the contamination, people had to start from scratch. A long time ago, the Tree of Faith and Hope was one of the greatest genetic achievements in history. It served as a supercomputer and database on which knowledge of technology and all achievements was stored. It also received the official approval of the life expectancy commission for cell replication without being guarded. Unfortunately, this is the only tree that has survived from the whole species. Due to strong radiation, the tree's database has been damaged, which did not allow people to return to their previous level of advancement. People, drawing conclusions from the past, built a state system that does not allow random people to rule; the world is managed the best of the best. Finally, people are back to a world where they don't have to work and people's only duty is life and fun.


/spawnEarth teleportsHiFi City

Building rules

  • Say no to cheap materials like cobble.
  • Build nicely :)
  • Every house must be connected to a road.
  • Players are responsible for building roads to their house.
  • Don't build houses at the end of roads.
  • Accept the rules for building permissions (by punching geocache).

Road building rules

  • Minimum 3 nodes wide.
  • Use slope, stair or slab during height changes.
  • Light source on every road.
  • Protect roads that you build.

Players tasks

Players tasks aren't necessities.

  • Build train station outside the main square.
  • Build roads to everywhere.
  • Build horizontal tunnels in HiFi Mine.

Train station building rules

  • Minimum length is 12
  • There is no strict design


After a long time of developing TempleOS, User:korlen decided to start his own project, with the goal of building a perfect city which won't let any player die. The city is located at the intersection between 3 climate zones. An important stage in building the city was jumping User:korlen's Travelhub to HiFi City, which was the first building in HiFi City. Originally the Travelhub was to be moved to TempleOS; the decision was changed quickly. Name of the city is a term used by listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound. The name was used for simplicity, and not for meaning. City was opened in 9 November 2019, but without all buildings being fully functional. 17 November 2019 User:korlen left server and handed over maintenance for User:admin.


Thanks a lot to User:xercyst who developed from the early beginning. Without his experience, the city would probably never be finished.


  • User:korlen - founder and designer, project leader.
  • User:xercyst - best ever resource supplier, machines builder and debugger (Free Nodes House), StationX inventor ,helper and supporter in a lot of stuff.
  • User:julix8ms - inventor of Super Computer, City control system, some ideas provider, helper in deepening the HiFi Mine.
  • User:6r1d - Observing Tower, code provider for most of luacs.
  • User:Eula - Silent resource supplier.
  • User:a - Some Albert Einsteins' street, English support on wiki.
  • User:stranger - Some Lions' Street.
  • User:AdamWolf - Small helper.

Remind me if i forgot about you.